Posted on:January 15 2010

You know you will sit on this project a lot longer time than you initially thought when start writing loops calling tons of OutputDebugString() just to find out what the code you have to work on actually does at all at various states.

O how I like working on projects without any documentation and where the last guy who really knew what the code did left the company years ago and now lives somewhere happily in Africa.


What's that project's name? Maybe somebody of us followers think about using it and can be warned here to avoid it.
2010-01-15 12:01:00

Nothing which is available public :)
2010-01-15 12:37:00

I feel for you man. At my last job I had to maintain 5+ year old games, which were completely contained in one file. Must have been some bazaar standard used to increase build time. :-).
Aaron Melcher
2010-01-15 14:10:00

rewrite it?
anyways, i heard there is this guy who wrote a code for lufthansa. and the company keeps on paying him retainer fee because no one can understand his code =)
2010-01-16 12:41:00

Oh man, I know this problem. The company I am currently working for has some really large projects. Documentation? Who needs it. The best thing is that these projects are a mixture of Objective-C, C/C++ and Java. But now I'm used to them, so it doen't take me that long to find the source of new bugs (normally).

We have come to another "no documentation needed" here: normally programmers say "why should I comment my code? It's self-explaining" ;). But here there is no need to comment anything because even the compiled assembler- and bytecode (for the java part) is self-explaining :D
2010-01-18 07:18:00

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