IP Adresses and the Law

Posted on:January 19 2010

The law - I guess not only in Germany - is a bit schizophrenic regarding IP-Adresses. Some courts say webmasters must not store IP adresses because they are sensitive private data. Some other courts say that webmasters must provide them with IP-Adresses of users in order to investigate crimes and if they don't then it's against the law. Just some random thoughts.

In other news: This is the 1000th blog post on this blog (since 2005). Too bad I didn't copy the old posts from my first blog when I migrated to irrlicht3d.org, I would have reached this goal year(s) before. :)


Congratulations! :-) Keep on blogging, it's always interesting (even if the title of the blog is not really appropriate any more ;-))
2010-01-19 18:47:00

This is definetely a nice blog. I like to read it when I come to work and start the daily sourcecode-update.
2010-01-20 07:14:00

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