Irrlicht 1.6.1 released

Posted on:January 13 2010

Irrlicht is now available in version 1.6.1. This version contains a lot of bugfixes and corrections, happy downloading!

I also released a new CopperCube version today which is interesting for some people also using Irrlicht: It can export to Irrlicht .irr scenes now:

A lot of people requested this feature, and here it is, although it could be still improved of course (and being the first release, it probably still has a few bugs). The exporter has been written so that it should work with multiple Irrlicht versions. Additionally, you can now edit Irrlicht scene node properties and materials inside CopperCube:

I named all the new Irrlicht related parts in CopperCube 'irrEdit', because that's what it is: Parts of irrEdit integrated into CopperCube.
And here is the final test, one of the CopperCube examples exported as .irr file and loaded with the new Irrlicht 1.6.1:

You can download CopperCube 1.1.3 and Irrlicht 1.6.1 right now.
Feedback is always welcome, of course.


However i'm waiting for the official release with official IphoneDevice support, actually i'm working with the ogl-es branch but it's a bit problematic working with touch controls :)
2010-01-13 17:15:00

How about the tons of plugins I wrote for IrrEdit? Is (or will) it possible to use them with CopperCube?
2010-01-14 07:46:00

Currently not. But could be in the near future. (Also depends on if your plugins are .dlls or Squirrel scripts)
2010-01-14 10:15:00

Where is the change list for 1.6.1?
2010-01-14 21:31:00

I am using plugin dlls. It's so easy to create plugins for IrrEdit that I currently have a whole bunch of those. This way I can do a lot of configuration for the levels of my game in the editor and don't have to touch the actual code.
2010-01-15 07:19:00

@beergoggles: it's in the sdk. Details:

- Fix pingpong for CSceneNodeAnimatorFlyStraight (found by gbox)

- Fix bug with IGUIEditBox where the cursor position is reset on text change.

- Make sure the window top-left corner on Windows is not negative on start so that Windows sytem-menu is always visible.

- Fix problem that the window did sometimes not get the keyboard focus in X11 in fullscreen. Add more debug output in case focus grabbing goes wrong.

- Fix screensize in videodriver when we didn't get the requested window size. This also prevents that gui-clicks are no longer synchronized with gui-drawing and elements can't be hit anymore.

- Bugfix: Prevent a crash when getTypeName was called for the guienvironment. EGUIET_ELEMENT got changed for this.

- Bugfix: Horizontal centered font with linebreaks draw now all lines. For example multiline TextSceneNodes work again.

- Bugfix: spinbox can no longer get in an endless loop due to floating point rounding error (found by slavik262)

- !!API change!! Disabled AntiAliasing of Lines in material default
Please enable this manually per material when sure that it won't lead to SW rendering.

- IGUIComboBox: clicking on the statictext displaying the active selection does now close and open listbox correctly. (Bug found by Reiko)

- Scrollbuttons in IGUITabControl adapt now to tab-height.

- Fix texturing of cylinder mesh

- Fix modal dialog position (found by LoneBoco:

- Fix DMF loading

- Fixing left+right special keys (ctrl, shift, alt) on Win32 (thanks to pc0de for good patch-ideas).

- Make stringarrays for enums in IGUISkin a little safer

- Add support for keys KEY_PRINT, KEY_HOME (on numpad) and KEY_NUMLOCK on Linux.

- Fix material handling in createMeshWith1TCoords

- Fix another (OldValue == NewValue) before drop()/grap(), this time in CTextureAttribute::setTexture.

- Fix LIGHTMAP_LIGHTING for D3D drivers.

- AntiAliasing disabled for debug render elements.

- Bugfix: CGUIToolBar::addButton does no longer mess up when no image is set and does now actually work with the text.

- Fix ninja animation range which got messed up a little when b3d animations got fixed (thx gbox for finding)
2010-01-15 08:15:00

@brainsaw: ah, I understand. Let's see, maybe I can enable binary plugins again as well.
2010-01-15 08:15:00

Thanks! I though it might be there, but didn't have time to download the SDK to find out.
2010-01-16 14:18:00

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