Posted on:September 18 2007

People are asking me why I apparently have stopped blogging about political issues. The reason for this is resignation. Reading all the bad news every day, like today for example: already 1,000,000 Iraqi citizens have been murdered since the U.S. invasion, can make you a bit depressed. And blogging about this additionally makes it even worse. Most politicans seem to run mad (converting the EU into a police state and surveillance state (german link)) today and seem not to care about anything at all anymore. I have the feeling nothing we are doing is stopping this and so it feels useless to be angry about all that.


Yeah no point in being angry over politics. Better to spend that effort on something useful - like Irrlicht. =)
2007-09-18 17:06:00

being german im really pissed of the situation in germany now as it seems to get worse :(
2007-09-18 18:00:00

perhaps one day scientists will invent an impenetrable transparent force-field surrounding each person so people will feel secure :)
2007-09-18 19:19:00

Well, basically it is useless to worry about anything since worries don't make any situation better. Although we usually can't help ourselves :-)
Don't care about politics. In democracy, it is still people themselves who decide whether they are happy or not. The main concern is for how long are we going to be relatively free, but let's not worry about that, let's try to do our best.
Blogging about politics is hardly going to make anyone happy, apart from working on something useful. Keep up the good work and don't forget Linux :-))
2007-09-19 10:47:00

I really understand this point and share your feeling. The lack of really democracy is the reason for this feeling. The only change I can apply is voting for another party. Wow, what a big influence to the big policy.

I will better try to learn C++ and Irrlicht instead :)
2007-09-19 10:48:00

I too feel incredibly frustrated about politics and sometimes feel like retreating into game development (or science). But I dream about one day becoming such a skillful game developer that I can create games (with Irrlicht, of course) with a subtle political message, to expose the hypocrisy and corruption in our current political systems. And of course, to have loads of fun doing it!

I read an article on gamasutra about some developers who are trying doing this in a fairly limited way, with 'Army of Two':
William Knight
2007-09-19 23:16:00

Politics is like commercials. They make you think you are the one making the wise decision all the while brainwashing you into buying their product telling you you can't live without it.
2007-09-19 23:18:00

For sociopath like me ;) there is not any difference between politicians and criminals.
The only difference is that the first group stays on another side of the law. They all uses the same methods, and even sometimes are the "law engines" :-)
2007-09-20 03:00:00

Looks like no country in world has good politicians or government. Same here also with corruption. Yup the less one thinks about such worrying things the better. I was thinking of migrating to UK but I think better to watch EU policies. Though USA is not better also. God knows which country is Land of free man and not Land of dead Government. Better to be busy with Poly counts and NURBS surfaces. Can anybody tell is it better to migrate UK or USA for opening game publishing company.
2007-09-20 17:41:00

There are many ways to do good things. Here is a protest against the killing of peaceful people in burma. I hope you join.
Help Burma now
2007-09-30 03:28:00

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