Crysis Technology Trailer - Review

Posted on:May 29 2007

Did you already download and watch the Crysis Technology Trailer? If not, then stop now and don't click there, it's 64 MB of wasted bandwidth. Basically it's just an NVidia, Microsoft and Intel advertisement in my opinion. Summarized: "Buy multi core systems, you'll get a better gaming experience!" (As side note: they are using Intel VTune to tune their code for this, and AI seems to be running in another thread. But is there a modern game today where this is different?) Then: "Buy Windows Vista, you'll get a better gaming experience!" - some marketing jabbering about the Vista game explorer. And: "Buy new 3D hardware with DX10 support, you'll get a better gaming experience!". Ok, a short mentioning of a subsurface scattering shader for the characters faces, but that's it. Crysis may be a fun game and definitively looks impressive and beautiful, but hey - I still can distinguish marketing muttering from technology information. ;)


Sorry, but i have downloaded trailer and watch the demo :). Nice, but it doesn't means that i will play it. FarCry i didn't pass, I just played an hour maybe ... i like to estimate graphics. I do not believe that gameplay of Crysis will be great. Most of nowdays-games has only graphics and nothing more. I would vote for very-old Fallout than for Crysis or FryCry.
2007-05-30 11:04:00

Valve also try to make people buy their game (and maybe associated hardware), but in their last "trailer" for Team Fortress 2, they did something that was ">short + great + funny:
2007-05-31 00:36:00

Crysis is simply the best game graphics/gameplay wise coming out this year.

Their editor is the key to their gameplay success, they can tweak every aspect of the game and test it out in the editor. The SandBox2 Editor is every Game Designers dream.

I've watched Gameplay (Single and Multiplayer) and while Multiplayer is a tad fast paced, the single player looks incredibly fun.
2007-05-31 00:56:00

yeh you're right; the only really technical detail was the subsurface scattering shader, this was aimed at a less technical audience I think. More of a "hey look what we can do!! (buy our game!)" kind of thing.
2007-05-31 04:05:00

is it just me or did nelson's post seem a little bit marketingy...
2007-05-31 05:15:00


No it didn't seem like a marking ploy at all. nelson is just very excited about the AMAZING new game from Crysis and it AMAZING SandBox2 Editor which will out class anything and everything this year!

2007-05-31 22:44:00

@TSM: LOL ;)

It's really AMAZING that Nelson is happy about Crytek's Technology, but he didn't realize that this one is just another 'shoot someone in his head' game with nice graphics and a well-done editor... - I don't really get it, why it's AMAZING to play mindless shooting games with no story (oh, I forgot - such Games insist to have a story line ;) !) and no creativity at all.

And 'YES', I know what I am talking about - I've watched a friend of mine for several hours playing FarCry ;) ...

And I 'understand' our politicians why they want to stop such killergames, cause they think our kids will go mad after 'virtually' firing at other people... - did they ever thought about the possibility that our kids will go mad, cause they are pissed off as there is NO STORY in such boring games..?

SORRY about my sarcasm - but I can't hear such 'Look, what a great new FPS with nice graphics!' phrases anymore!

just my 2 cents,
Duncan Mac Leod
2007-05-31 23:45:00

So you're going to make a generalization about Crysis based on previous games you've played? Doesn't sound very bright to me.

Watch a video or four, it may change your view on things. They have taken time to ensure that the gameplay is on par with the graphics.

They learned their lesson from FarCry and will undoubtedly usher in a new era in PC gaming. In no previous game, has such attention been paid to such small details.

And yes, I am very excited about Crysis and with the new lower end DX10 cards that have come out, it's finally within my grasp.

- Nelson
2007-06-01 01:07:00

They learned their lesson from FarCry and will undoubtedly usher in a new era in PC gaming

And it will probably cure cancer too.
2007-06-02 08:14:00

I agree with Duncan that it's incredible how excited young people get about new and more realistic ways to shoot people in the face. If even half the creative effort that goes into FPSs went into deeper, more creative games the world would be a much more interesting place - I might even start buying more PC games again, instead of just feeling 'ugh, THIS again?'. Looking pretty and having nice environments / physics / AI is still just playing soldiers with nicer tech. I grew out of that a little while ago ;)
2007-06-02 13:12:00

It's pretty ironic how people on a website dedicated to a 3D Game engine are not enthusiastic about new and exciting technologies.

You'd think it would be the perfect place to discuss the technical aspect of certain features.

If it's the FPS genre you don't like then that's fine; but dismissing the entirety of their innovation in the field is silly.

This, in my opinion mixes the elements of an FPS which make it desirable. Things like, the ability to choose your playstyle. You can go all out, shooting anything you see or you can take the more tactical approach. It adds an unprecedented level of flexibility to your gameplay.
2007-06-03 03:19:00

"It’s pretty ironic how people on a website dedicated to a 3D Game engine are not enthusiastic about new and exciting technologies."

There's a difference between being excited about technology, and being excited about a game because of its technology. Personally, I got tired of games that relied on tech to sell themselves some time ago. Doesn't mean I don't like playing with graphics as a fun pursuit, I just don't play games because of their graphics. 10 years ago Crysis would have really excited me, between then and now I've played so many FPSs I've got tired of them. The fact that Crysis is technically going to be the dogs bollocks doesn't change what it is. I'm not saying it's not good, I'm just saying it's not bringing anything I care about to the table.

It's a combination of age, less free time and having been playing games for approaching 30 years - in my 20's I would probably have been hopping up and down about it. Today I'm more interested in new ideas than new tech.
2007-06-04 19:36:00

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