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Posted on:May 28 2007

The EU is criticizing Google's privacy policy: Google is storing search queries for two years, currently.
Repeat: The European Union, which this year will start storing all email connection data, phone calls, celluar phone positions and more of all of its citizens is concerned about the privacy policy of an internet company storing anonymized search strings? What's next? The pope concerned about blind faith? The U.S. concerned about tortured and imprisoned people in China?


You're right, thats really curious.

I think essentially, the EU is a good idea, but in the last years, they bring a lot of needless laws and specifications. They hav to think about their concept...
2007-05-28 13:41:00

I don't want Google saving my search strings... But, don't you know that I want the EU tracking my every movement, that would make me feel so safe. Thanks, EU, you really know what's best for your citizens, even if that is something they don't agree with... any of them.
2007-05-28 22:40:00

uhm, most of us in the USA _are_ concerned about tortured and imprisoned people in china. there is an ongoing debate here about whether we should put some kind of tariff on chinese goods in protest of human rights violations. not only that but the people who committed torture in gitmo and iraq are in serious hot water. you must have some wierd ideas about the USA man....
we seriously arent a bunch of loony jerks or anything, mostly anyway....
it bothers me a bit that everybody i talk to from europe seems to think we are all crazy or something...
2007-05-29 00:45:00

@buhatkj: Thought that was mutual. xD
2007-05-29 03:33:00

I think that's true. If you don't have moral standards and are doing evil things, you don't have the right to criticise other people doing the same. It doesn't matter if there may be some people in your country who don't approve the torturing in guantnamo and the starting of illegal wars, it only matters that you are doing it.
@buhatkj: Take a look at current popularity votes. Now, the US are as popular as North Korea in the world. And if you say this is just because all countries exept the US are crazy, then I recommend you to do a realty check.
2007-05-29 07:48:00

@erik - yes exactly, that's what concerns me. I know our involvement in iraq has made us staggeringly unpopular in the world, but what confuses me is that that has also led to wild speculation about what life is really like in the USA. my personal experience is that the horror stories of FBI raids and no-fly problems and strip searches are a bit overblown. i'd imagine our day-to-day lives arent much different than yours in europe. we go to work, eat out, watch tv, and are deeply disturbed by the newscasts. our government's own popularity within the USA is probably even lower than among europeans, <%30 favorable. even those of us who initially favored the war are appalled by how much of a boondoggle it's become.

as far as having a right to criticise, can't one drunk tell another he's had too much, even if he can't stop himself? it just means that perhaps he's no better, but he recognizes the problem at least...
2007-05-29 08:47:00

true :)
2007-05-29 14:07:00

Yes, but .. How much time you needed to release what kind of government you have? Or maybe I should ask: how much oil price needed to grow before you released what kind of government you have? When some EU countries tried to warn you at the beginning what could possible happen, they have been marked as enemies of your country. And still, after four years your government was in power, they stayed in power after new elections. Personally, I would not care for your problems if they would be only your problems. But politics of you country is unfortunately affecting all of us around the world.
2007-06-02 01:42:00

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