Need a break

Posted on:June 17 2006

So I just
  • migrated Irrlicht from CVS to a subversion server
  • created lots of subversion accounts and informed the coders
  • merged Irrlicht 1.0 with Irrlicht 1.0 for MacOS
  • updated
  • released Irrlicht 1.1 alpha including the new features (irr and ogre mesh loading for example) via subversion
  • created a whole new website at
  • finished programming work on irrEdit
  • successfully begged martin for hosting the irrEdit files
  • packaged it as irrEdit 0.1, uploaded and released it
  • and finally wrote this blog entry
So now I need a break. But I'm happy that irrEdit 0.1 and irrlicht 1.1alpha is out (yep, sorry, I finally decided for the old 'irrEdit' name, altough there were some really good ideas posted on this blog). And I really LOVE the subversion server. Happyness.


No irrEdit sources? :-(
2006-06-17 16:40:00

ooh its on SVN now :)
The Anaconda
2006-06-17 16:52:00

Let the man rest :-) Hey niko any cool demoscenes coming up? I'll be visiting Aalborg, Denmark from Orlando, FL in mid August to visit some old coworkers.. always up to see new places
2006-06-17 16:54:00

nice :)
2006-06-17 16:59:00

mmm, let me see what you have done :-)
2006-06-17 17:32:00

You are productive person, Niko. ;)
2006-06-17 21:27:00

I also admire you Niko. I wish I could do as much as you :) I always tend to find some distractions.
2006-06-17 22:25:00

Good job, and thanks for all the hard work put into this! ;)
2006-06-17 22:46:00

Great! (checking now SVN) (h)
2006-06-17 22:58:00

Nice work :)
When you're done resting, can you please set up the notification mailing list for SVN updates?
It is a five minute job to do, but eases following changes to irrlicht exquisitely.
Baal Cadar
2006-06-18 00:22:00

"created lots of subversion accounts and informed the coders"

WOW! Sounds GREAT - just discovered some check-ins by hybrid...

Hope he will incorporate his collection of irrlicht patches and improvements asap - this would be a major step forward for the whole irrlicht community..!
Duncan Mac Leod
2006-06-18 03:33:00

Interesting. Mouse controls sort of like the Unreal level editor for UT2k4 :)Guess this means I have to download the .mesh exporter for blender and see if I can get some animated models in there.
2006-06-18 05:12:00

NO animation support for .mesh, yet!
Adn yes, I'll start integrating the most important patches ASAP.
2006-06-18 13:23:00

How we can contribute to Irrlicht SVN?
2006-06-18 13:46:00

Post feature request and patches in the Irrlicht forum. I'll take care of that. But be sure that your code adheres to the Irrlicht coding style and that you either have some test cases to show it's working, or some other people which also test this code.
2006-06-18 18:22:00

@hybrid: that are good news :-) - just checked the page and noticed that you and bitplane are now listed as irrlicht developers ;-) - congratulations!
Duncan Mac Leod
2006-06-18 18:56:00

Niki & Hybrid tks for such a good work! (angel)
2006-06-18 20:30:00

I second the vote for a SVN checkin mailing list :)
The Anaconda
2006-06-19 19:00:00

ok, I'll try to set one up as soon as I've time. but you'll also get notifications of updates via this blog. :) contribution: just as before. nothing changed. just svn instead of cvs.
2006-06-19 21:13:00

Just been messing around with irrEdit for a while, very nice editor + great work. It reminds me of UED a bit. It's great for quickly testing how meshes and particles will look and slapping on animators to get some concepts working.

A great addition to the irrlicht family. 10/10!
2006-06-20 17:18:00

I just downloaded irrEdit and its really great. just a few thing to point out to niko. the irrEdit uses only Dx9.. can you add a option box for the driver ie. Software2 (Alphabean).. well the rest seams really ok I just made an entire level but I dont have irrlicht 1.1 can you please make a zipped version. Oh and something you can do in the future is to instead of just saving a .irr/Xml file.. may be the editor can have a diffrent file save mode ie .irz (irrlich Zipped) which works just like a pk2 file. The editor gets all the required files in a scene and the puts them in a zip file.. ie kind of compiled version. (the great thing will be that I dont have to copy the file i.e textures and meshes to the game folder. the irz will have everything in it..) And can you make irrEdit opensorce.. I have a few of my own custom made scene Nodes I would like to add to the editor. I thought I was just gona write a few lines but here is one more thing.. i mostly use the irrlicht.Net port and purely use only DirectX meshes (*.x) and one MAJOR feature I was hoping you would added would be to call animation Frames in *.X files just like in *.md2 files.. Ok thats it for now... BTW Irrlicht ROCKS - More than the World Cup...(just felt like picking a fight so bring it on)
2006-06-23 12:55:00

Apfelbaum Software Renderer = my nickname for it is Alphabean in case you are wondering what I am talking about.
2006-06-23 13:00:00

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