Editor Progress Week 10 - Ogre .mesh and Irrlicht .irr

Posted on:June 15 2006

I've made some great progress this week. I finished implementing to read and write the whole scene graph including materials and animators into and from an .irr file (it's just an own xml format). This means I'm nearly finished with this new feature. Another new thing is this:
These are OGRE .mesh files, loaded directly into Irrlicht. It's nothing unusual - after all just another file format added to Irrlichts loader list, but OGRE being the other popular open source 3d graphics engine which is nearly always mentioned in forum posts when irrlicht is mentioned, seeing the ogre head displayed in Irrlicht feels a bit odd. (I just integrated hybrid's loader and modified it slightly, thanks for his great work!) In this way I hope Irrlicht can profit a bit from Steve's/OGRE's useful exporters and - who knows - maybe the OGRE community can profit somehow from this too - maybe by using irrEdit as mesh viewer or whatever. :)
I'm going to work on the editor and the Irrlicht source for this still a bit and I hope I'm going to release both this or next weekend, depending on the amount of sunshine available in Vienna. :)
Update: The editor is done, you can download the editor here.


woha! great!
2006-06-15 12:38:00


Does this mean we 'll get an Irrlicht-builtin Ogre Loader or do we have to use the Editor for loading Ogre Meshes?
Duncan Mac Leod
2006-06-15 12:47:00

There will be an Irrlicht integrated ogre .mesh loader. It's already available from my webpage. Niko's changes have not been included there, yet, but I'll try to update the patch ASAP.
Nice to hear that all this will be released very soon. You did not say anything about Linux compatability...
2006-06-15 13:23:00

great work !
wait for the IRREdit.

other. new directx 10 is out. irrlicht can plan support it?
2006-06-15 14:26:00

You're officially a mesh-napper ;) Nice looking editor.

You might have to be careful with more unusual Ogre meshes though since our vertex format is completely flexible, if Irr's is still fixed you might not be able to map certain semantics or layouts I guess (things like 3/4D texture coords, different vertex colour packing options, that kind of thing).

The Ogre .mesh format seems to have been the most common export to other engines - people like Multiverse are using it too and it's cropping up in quite a few editors. I guess that must mean we're doing something right ;)
2006-06-15 14:55:00

Are animations supported or is this just for meshes?
2006-06-15 15:01:00

Right now only static meshes. I'll continue with animations when I find enough time. Though ogre supports so many things that indeed, as Steve pointed out, support will probably be always partial only.
2006-06-15 15:45:00

"depending on the amount of sunshine available in Vienna. :)" Wow, you have solarpower? ;)
2006-06-15 16:01:00

will reading and writing the .irr scene files be available in .NET also? sometimes bleeding edge features initially seem to come out as c++ only...
2006-06-15 18:21:00

Oauu! Just wainting for them! (h)
2006-06-15 19:38:00

The editor is just a visual frontend for irrlicht, so everything you see is in irrlicht, yes. d3d 10 support: sure, as soon as someone can get me d3d10 hardware. :D And btw: Meshnapping is still legal, at least in Austria. :) .NET availability: As soon as everything is stable. Will have to test a bit before finalizing the interface.
2006-06-15 22:46:00

Ahyes, and about Linux compatibility: Should be no problem because I used wxWidgets, but currently, in Irrlicht only the windows devices support rendering into windows the way as the editor needs it, with the OpenGL renderer it does not work currently.
2006-06-15 22:52:00

Sweeeeeeeeeeeet !
2006-06-16 16:22:00

Can't wait for it to be released..
2006-06-17 07:32:00

It's worthy to wait.
Joe Black
2006-06-17 08:14:00

respect :) thats really nice work! now i've got a new favorite ogre mesh viewer with software rendering. guess i've to take another look at irrlicht.
2006-08-15 16:27:00

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