Baffled by Microsoft Developer Support

Posted on:February 13 2015

I think I mentioned this already on this blog, but this week, the Microsoft Developer Support again has left me completely astonished: I had a small problem and left without any other options, I contacted Microsoft directly, via mail. After a couple of hours, a real human answered my mail, with a working solution and friendly text referring my mail, which proved that the support guy didn't even copy and paste that text from some existing solution. I thanked him for that quick help and he even replied friendly again, like a real human.

If you ever had a problem as software developer, developing for a platform of Apple or Google (as I did), you will be totally surprised by that. I never, ever received a helpful answer from any Apple developer support or App store reviewer. In most cases, it seems like they don't even read what you write. And in more than one case, I received an obviously copy and pasted text back, insisting that everything is my fault.

Microsoft is really doing very well there. Wonder why my products are so much better on Windows, and have less bugs there? Now you know why.


Exactly my experience as well.

I found a compiler bug in VS2013 Update 3, did a bug report, and attached a small repro. The bug & repro were acknowledged within a day, fixed within 3, and the bugfix shipped in VS2013 Update 4.

Same with their BizSpark program. First of all, they really want you to use their products (of course, otherwise BizSpark and DreamSpark wouldn't exist). Second, they don't try to coax you into buying anything, or using stuff you don't want to. They're just friendly and open to developers on their platforms. At least that's my experience since I became a BizSpark member.
Stefan Reinalter
2015-02-14 09:58:00

Microsoft has always been a very professional company. I mean, look at D3D. Before, devs frown on it. But MS gets getting better because they really work hard. THey are in for the long run
2015-02-16 03:52:00

This will pay them back many times over. This may be the best thing about them.
kinjal kishor
2015-02-20 15:44:00

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