CopperCube 5.2 and its water rendering

Posted on:March 01 2015

I just released the game engine CopperCube in version 5.2 as free update. Besides other features, it includes the announced water surface rendering, which I managed to make work on all supported platforms: Windows (D3D and OpenGL), Mac OS X, WebGL, Android, and even Flash. It looks nicely on all of these, here are some examples:

It looks much nicer in movement, of course. If you want to see it in action, you can try it directly on a website, I created a small demo with two different scenes: WebGL Water rendering demo. It works surprisingly fast, and also does look nicely.

I'm very happy about this release. It also includes a lot of other changes (detailed list here), like localization. Meaning the editor user interface now also works with different languages. I already added a german translation, and planning to add some more later.
Hope you like this release!


Looks cool, but you can see the "edge" of the terrain for some reason. Maybe add some fog?
Kai Mast
2015-03-01 19:36:00

Around 27 FPS on ocean scene and 2,7 FPS on terrain scene.
Nokia Lumia 630, Windows 10 for phones technical preview.(IE, not spartan)
2015-03-02 18:44:00

For the ocean scene I get ~60 fps on iOS, but it flickers a lot.
For the terrain scene i get ~7 fps and the bushes seem to jump up and down...
2015-03-03 01:05:00

About the edge: Yes, is is still programmer art, I think it is the skybox you are seeing there. Could be improved with a better 3D artist :)

iOS: Yes, Apple still seems to have to fix their buggy WebGL implementation.
2015-03-04 05:17:00

I wonder if you could do (fake) caustics on the underwater (static) geometry using a similar means, might make the shallow water even nicer.
2015-03-05 09:50:00

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