Posted on:February 08 2015

I just implemented a nice looking feature into CopperCube, which will very likely make it into the next free update: Nice looking realtime water surfaces:

It will be possible to create oceans, lakes and rivers with it easily. I think this will also work nicely and pretty fast in WebGL, I'm not so sure about Flash and Android yet, but I'm positive so far.
The implementation is pretty simple:

  • Set a clip plane at the water surface

  • Render your scene with reflection matrix into a render target

  • Draw the geometry of your plane with that render target as texture

  • In the pixel shader, randomly offset the texture access a bit

And if you do the texture access offsets in a nice way using a decent normal map, it looks actually like waves. This technique is not very new and doesn't need many resources, and that's why I think it will work nicely in WebGL as well. Will post a WebGL test example once I have some. But first, I have to finalize this feature in the editor first.


Yes, it wery beatiful!
2015-02-11 11:24:00

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