Develop's article about CopperCube

Posted on:December 12 2013

The game development magazine 'Develop' has published a short article about CopperCube. It seems that finally, at least a few more people become aware of the existence of CopperCube. Which for now, still is a big problem: Most people looking for a tool like this don't even know that CopperCube exists. I'm trying to do my best to change this, but it is quite a difficult task :)
I guess It's a step into the right direction to be mentioned by such a major game development magazine.


how about the community create a great demo for coppercube? Something will great gameplay that will perhaps target to be as popular as candy crush. that would be a great promotion!
2013-12-13 03:21:00

Sure, this would be nice, but this still won't magically let people know about this either.
2013-12-13 16:16:00

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