Holiday discount - this year a bit different

Posted on:December 18 2013

As every year, I'm giving away my software at a discounted price for a short preriod. Starting with today, you can get the game editor CopperCube, the website editor WebsitePainter, the diagram editor DiagramPainter and the AS3 and SWF obfuscator irrFuscator for 25% less. Until the end of this year.

But this year, I made it a bit different. There is one single, big page where all discounts of all products are listed, and you can get the discount only via that page:

Previously, I just gave away a discount code which you could enter on the order page when buying a product. I'm curious how this change will reflect on the amount of sales. Will more people now purchase more than one product because they see there is an interesting looking one discounted as well? Will they overlook it - maybe the page is too complicated - and not use discounts at all? I'll see in two weeks.


how is it going after few days? was sales better?
2013-12-26 06:21:00

For now, it looks like it is the same as last year. But let's see. :)
2013-12-26 13:58:00

btw, niko, thanks for the open source 3d engine irrlicht and the editor irredit. it saved me from an impossible project 5 years ago. it was a 3 week project for joystick controlled walkthrough of condominium real property. 1 week into the project i was still lost trying many options (e.g. blender). irrlicht was the perfect fit. very easy to use yet there is option to use any low level api because of the language used.
2013-12-30 14:40:00

what was impossible became possible. i just modeled stuff in 3dsmax and export as obj. put together everything in irredit, then load in irrlicht. for better lighting quality, we did the room in a quake editor (forgot if it was qradiant)
2013-12-30 14:43:00

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