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Posted on:December 04 2013

Since I'm using Piwik, I really enjoy analyzing my web traffic. It helped me to find some bugs in my websites, and improve some problems with them. But it is also interesting watching the configurations of the visitors. I've posted some stats like this before on this blog, so here is an update:
Chrome is apparently the new favourite browser of mostly everyone. And IE has totally lost it's prevalence, at least on my websites:

The top list is: Chrome (50%), Firefox (25%), Safari (10%), IE (10%), and Opera (4%). I also have a few users using Iron, Konqueror and IBrowse. Interesting.
Windows still is the number one operating system of people visiting my websites (72%). Here it is broken down to Windows versions:

Windows 7 (49%), Mac OS X (12%), Win XP (11%), Windows 8 (9%), Linux (6%), Windows NT (WTF? - 3%), Windows Vista has the same amount of visits as Android and iOS. There are also some very exotic operating systems used, like Maemo and Sun OS.
90% of all visitors have Flash, 80% still have Java enabled, and - surprising to me - 51% of all have Silverlight. 14% still have the Adobe Director plugin running (why?), and even 7% have a Realplayer, wow. Only 6% of all users are using a mobile phone to read about the stuff I am working on, the rest are using a Desktop PC.
Not sure what can be learned from all that, but it's interesting.


> "Not sure what can be learned from all that, but it's interesting."

This sentence applies to all statistics, I think. This is where the guessing starts... :)
2013-12-04 17:53:00

I really enjoy using Piwik too on my blog. It is so powerful and you still have control over your data unlike using Google Analytics.

But don't forget to enable the privacy plugin that anonymizes the IPs. You visitors will thank you.
Kai Mast
2013-12-04 22:54:00

Yes, the reason I installed it is privacy. I even disabled cookie usage :)
2013-12-05 04:33:00

I confess, im the one who visited from my n900. I may as well be the last person on the planet still using it :p
Umar Nizamani
2013-12-05 11:39:00

Ah, funny :)
2013-12-05 11:54:00

maybe you can figure out the Windows NT mystery by correlating browser(+version?) to reported OS? my first guess would be that some (perhaps older) browser not knowing the proper display name for the OS just uses NT to state 'not descended from 95' or so... i love mysteries!
2013-12-06 09:38:00

What is so bad about having java enabled?
2013-12-06 09:42:00

Windows NT: hm, would have to take a closer look into that.
Java: Since it is not needed for nearly no website anymore, it is still a big security risk, IMO.
2013-12-11 08:18:00

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