The DVD box that wasn't one

Posted on:December 01 2011

A few weeks ago I learned of the existence of The Walking Dead, a television series with the following story line: Zombies.
Woha. Additionally, it seems to be based on a comic book, so it sounded quite interesting to me. So a few days ago, I went into a local DVD shop and to my surprise, The Walking Dead was already available! Even here in Austria. Quite unusual. So I bought it, and wanted to watch it yesterday.
It didn't work. Unfortunately at closer inspection, the box containing the series wasn't a DVD box. It was a blue ray disc set. To my shame I hadn't noticed this at all when buying. After looking at the box again, it wasn't surprising: There is no f*cking Blueray logo on the box. Only on the side, there is a tiny, nearly hidden logo at the bottom. Not sure if they did this intentionally, but it really sucks.
I don't own a blue ray player. And I'm not planning to buy one. Especially not after I somehow feel a bit tricked into buying a blue-ray disk. Grml.


That sucks. Definetely worth a cheap crappy bluray player if you can't exchange. Comics are very good as well and thankfully don't require a bluray player.
2011-12-01 15:39:00

But nevertheless you have to watch the show, it's awesome ...
2011-12-01 18:57:00

The first season (six episodes) is quite action-packed, but the first half of the second season (seven episodes, which just finished on AMC) is static and talky, though with a magnificent payoff.
Brains Too
2011-12-05 03:07:00

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