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Posted on:March 30 2011

Google just sent me a mail with a poll, asking me why I visited their help pages two hours ago. They want to know if I found what I was looking for. Besides the fact that this is already quite unbelievable, the poll in the mail didn't have an option like "Because last time, your CENSORED human support guy told me that I was making up the bug and that I must be wrong". Argl.


Interesting. Google seems to have a pretty bad customer service. Blog/Twitter/FB rants about it are on the rise.
2011-03-30 16:08:00

Don't even let me begin about customer Service. Go and Live in Africa for 10 years, and there's nothing you ain't seen. So my general mentality for anything that's broken, is go fix it yourself.

False problems are so common here, yes they create 'em.
ADSL Internet isn't working... testing line,its cut... go mad... call telecom... sorry sir we will come check by you shortly... 1week later... calling again... yes they will be there at 3pm... 6pm guy in filthy overall arrives... sorry sir your router is broken... we will replace it for $$$... AHHHHHARG!!! Just turn the ^%#^#& line back on!!! (you get the point)
2011-03-30 16:40:00

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