Want a free copy of WebsitePainter or CopperCube? - Translations wanted

Posted on:April 06 2011

Do you want to get a free copy of CopperCube or Websitepainter? Do you speak French, Spanish, or Italian? Or another popular language? If you provide me with a translated language file of WebsitePainter, I give you a license as thank-you. Here is what you need to do for this:

Download WebsitePainter and locate the language file named 'websitepainter_language_en.xml' in the sub directory 'language' of WebsitePainter (or inside the .app bundle on Mac OS X). Create a copy of that one, and instead of _en, rename it to end with the two letters for the language from ISO 639-1, like _fr for French or _pt for Portuguese. (For this you need to be a system admin if your are running Windows 7) If your system is of that language, and you restart WebsitePainter, you should already see the new texts in the program.

You can send me the translated file or any questions to niko (ät) irrlicht3d.org. Note that I'll verify the translations, so I cannot accept poor quality texts, I'm sorry. Also, if I get more than one translation for the same language, the quickest translator wins. (If it is close, both will get a free license, I'm not that mean).
I already received some translated language files, so a big thank-you to those friendly translators!

Update: Languages no longer needed (because already sent in): English, German, Portuguese, Russian, French, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Slovak, Swedish, Bulgarian, Greek, Farsi.


Hi, I live in Argentine,
I postulate myself to translate someone of the two or both

Spanish language
2011-04-06 18:51:00

^^ lol rafa
2011-04-07 04:30:00

Is Brazilian-Portuguese on that "no longer needed" list? :P
2011-04-07 15:13:00

Yes, that acutally was brazilian-portuguese. Sorry for my ignorance, I didn't know there is such a big difference between those two.
2011-04-07 17:15:00

Not that much :P
But I think that computer-related expressions are quite different...
2011-04-07 19:48:00

What file to look for in case of CopperCube? I didn't find any *language*.xml
2011-04-09 21:34:00

I am Polish. 50 milions of people speak Polish. I can translate it to Polish.
2011-04-13 14:23:00

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