Vienna Twin Tower

Posted on:August 01 2005

In vienna, you cannot find a lot of big towers. But the few we have are pretty cool, because you can see really a lot standing on top of them. [Ok, if this was different in other cities ;)] Last month, I visited the Millenium Tower. Its height is 202m (663 ft), and from the 27th level it looked like I was standing directly above my appartement. Nice feeling.
And last week, I visited the Vienna Twin Tower. They are two (surprise!), connected through several bridges. Pretty cool, this time I was at about level 29, I think. Impressive to see all those small people and the badner bahn, would be cool to work there. :) (not at the BadnerBahn, though)

So, which tower is next?


Landmark Tower in Yokohama isn't too bad either...
2005-08-02 08:50:00

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