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Posted on:August 01 2005

Hey, you. I bet you already copied and downloaded games, software, music or videos via P2P, right? And I bet you didn't think one second about whether this was wrong, right? So here is some news for you: People are loosing jobs because of this. You fucking bastard.


Well,... there is always the businesses that can't afford to have illegal software in-house, and the playstation kiddies and nintendo teens to make bucks for the industry, offcourse this is making the big ones bigger and the small lone developers smaller. You could offcourse download opensource games only (http://www.happypenguin.org is a good source) and non-copyrighted music(which tends to be better anyway imho).. no GPL movies yet tho ;) I wonder if there is any solution to this at all,... if everyone limits him/herself to opensource, noone still gets paid and folks still get fired.... Who gets all the fat paychecks? Dognut eating corp. employees writing in brainrotten RAD tools like visual basic, while someone fluent in c++, x86 assembly, (insert more languages here), coding out of pure passion may be without a job for years. I don't think the problem is the people downloading from P2P, I think the entire industry is the problem.
2005-08-01 20:34:00

For every problem there is a solution that is simple, elegant and - wrong. Monocausistic explanation models are such a solution. There is no single reason for a war. There is no single reason for unemployment. There is no single reason for poverty in the third world.

Don't follow the music/video industry propaganda, Niko. Don't only blame the P2P users. The real problem in most cases is ill management, companies that don't understand the wishes of their customers and too expensive media.

An example: Would there have been music download stores many years ago, I sincerely doubt that Napster (who really started all this P2P stuff for mainstream users) would have gotten such a big importance. Massive instant audio exchange then was a novelty for most users they wanted to try - be it illegal or not.
2005-08-01 22:16:00

Wasn't it Warren Spector who said: "Everyone who downloads a game wouldn't have bought it anyway."

Ok there is a problem with P2P and other sources for downloading things from the internet but the industry isn't the poor maiden in this game. At the last GDC; many developers talked about the problems, which will cause the industry to collapse - earlier or later. Things have to change - not only from the illegal side!
2005-08-02 11:58:00

Yes, Warren Spector is absolutly right.
Also, P2P gives people jobs. Would iTunes be so popular if Napster wouldn't get so popular?
2005-08-02 12:24:00

Just our of curiousity would one of those people be you? :)
2005-08-03 14:29:00

I guess you just had your first brainwashing session in your new company? *eg*
You... must... resist... !!!!11!! Like me, when a customer's business unit tried to persuade us into believing that software patents are a good idea (especially for the trivial things they tried to get patents on, like showing all available music genre on some kind of "wheel of fortune" where you can go up and down, select it, and then have sub-genres presented in an additional layer that pops up around the existing wheel *gna*).
2005-08-04 16:13:00

Brainwashing? Me? Dont you want to buy our new products!?!? BANNED FROM THIS BLOG. FOR LIFETIME.
2005-08-04 21:14:00

"You, fucking bastard" ?
That´s all about your reasons. Was you? No, I Don´t think so.
Very impressive. Take a minute to re-think that.
IMHO, times are changing, a new model for markets has to become, give time to time.
An artist wins money in playing lives too, a painter with his paints, not saling a wallpaper for 0,99 cents.
Think code or dinosaur apps are diying, think teaching or support is a decent alternative, other ways too, personalizing...

I love your Irrlicht, if i were using it for a real project i was your sponsor, sure.
2005-08-08 17:06:00

okay, I admit it...I pirate irrlicht...oh, wait, it's open source! :)
2005-08-15 02:51:00

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