What to do?

Posted on:August 04 2005

Currently, I am again in the "What the heck is the meaning of my life?"-mood. Not depressed, but just thinking. I think my life is ok, but for what am I living it at all? Shouldn't I do something important? Something good? Or should I live so that at least I have some fun for myself? What's the best to do with my time, money and skills? Should I help people? Animals, the environment? Find some nice girl, make her happy? Does it matter at all?


Buy and play computer games!!!!
2005-08-04 21:16:00

I've been this road a couple of times. Basically, I just got to the point where I stopped caring about the meaning. I stopped looking for some kind of cosmic goal or answer to justify my existence and just live moment to moment, doing whatever aI feel like doing and taking my mistakes in my stride, hopefully learning from them on the way.

In essence, stop worrying and just do what feels right in the circumstances presented for any one moment.
Dark Liquid
2005-08-04 22:16:00

use yor amazing computer skils and 3d engine to create something like this but for free


now you will be able to save peoples lives at a free price

hint:use the line boundraries in the ct scan to dump vertices in a buffer then make an algorithim to join them to make faces/normals

i tried but it is too complex for me
2005-08-04 22:51:00

i mean if u do it it will be much cheaper since generating these things requires expensive hardware and software

if u distribute it for free then u have helped humanity
2005-08-04 23:02:00

niko, go and reproduce yourself. that's what life is all about. reproduce copious, so that we'll have some more genius on this planet soon.

omaremad, it isn't that hard. you can quite easily preprocess such images with some image processing algorithms (most likely threshold, erosion/dilation, edge recognition) and then generate a model, e.g. using the marching cubes algorithm which is quite easy to understand if you start with the 2d case.
2005-08-04 23:33:00

You have already achieved more than most of us, people want to interview you, people wish they had the skills to do what you did, hundreds of people are using and praising the software you have written...
what to do? i'd say keep doing what you are doing right now, you are halfway to immortality
2005-08-05 05:03:00

Find some nice girl, make her happy! Yes!
2005-08-05 10:43:00

The only solution is to
a) Stop caring
b) Saufen

*hahahha,´I'm sooo funnyÜ* :)
2005-08-05 12:33:00

this is a guess, but it sounds like you're looking for some direction. unfortunately, that's something nobody but you can rightly determine! my suggestion would be to try something new. life is a journey, and its the other people you meet along the way that make it fun. a friend of mine from college felt much as you seem to now for a year or two, then he took a trip to britain for a month, and it turned his whole life around. just like, go someplace new, and see who you find there. that's my suggestion...
2005-08-05 17:27:00

Start a company.... you won't have time to ask yourself these questions as you will be asking yourself new and interesting ones like:

How can I pull this off?
How can I make myself independently wealthy?
Will anyone even buy this?
2005-08-05 19:43:00

Exactly what Armen said!
I'm guessing your meaning in life is to write cool software, mine is and you're better at it than I am :)
2005-08-05 23:50:00

Have you considered that God might be the reason for your life?
2005-08-06 05:07:00

Good ideas, I especially like the one with the company. But I'd need money for this. :) God? I don't belive there is something like this, sorry.
2005-08-06 08:54:00

i think of it all like a huge buffet. who says i have to live life as just one thing , talk to one kinda people, accomplish set goals. its great to one day just wake up and test out how life would be as someone you have wondered about before. it's like were all actors, except its really up to us who exactly we get to play.
2005-08-07 01:47:00

hey niko!
fahr in urlaub!!!
du hast doch grad die uni fertig oder ?. gratuliere!!.
du hast grad ur viel hinter dir. (und freundin,wie ich gelesen habe...) mach a pause...
mach dein schleppi zu und gemma a bier oder so trinken!!
oder fahr nach cuba.

dein damals-im-nachbarzimmer-programmierer-nach-berlin-jetzt-wieder-in-wien
2005-08-09 17:01:00

Ah, hey, du bist das :) Jo, machen wir, klar! Aber mitm studium noch nicht fertig :)
2005-08-09 22:24:00

study different religions in your free time...
2005-08-10 03:04:00

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