E3 2009 best of: Project Natal - Milo

Posted on:June 03 2009

Coolest thing I liked from the E3 this year: Project Natal, Milo:

Looks very impressive, hope this isn't the usual Peter-Molyneau-Effect we know from Black&White and Fable already. :)


I'm very happy with the reaction out there so far. It's good to be part of a company that although is part of a big corporation, still have the courage to try new things.
Eduardo Hulshof
2009-06-04 14:52:00

Wow, that could be a really interesting software. I hope the final product is actually so good and the video was truly interactive and not calculated (and that the software comes for th PC too *fg*)
By the way, I want this this Monitor or TV!!
Stefan Branske
2009-06-04 21:28:00

My first thought: that could turn out really bad if pedophiles got their hands on the source code.
2009-06-05 02:44:00

Fo shizzle my nizzle
2009-06-05 07:48:00

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