The Downfall of Reddit

Posted on:June 03 2009

I used to be a regular reddit user, or better: reader. Reddit is - similar to the more popular Digg - a social news/link sharing page, and I really liked it because in contrast to for example Digg, on reddit the articles, websites, videos and pictures submitted and upvoted usually were very interesting, unusual and creative. Even the discussions and comments of those submissions usually were quite interesting and entertaining.
But recently, the quality of the links making it to the top and even the comments posted there began to lose quality, and at least when I stumbled the second or third time upon the most upvoted comment with the only content like 'OMG!' or 'SO CUTE!', I realized that reddit is nearly dead now, for me. Maybe hordes of teenagers have finally found reddit or maybe it's simply the masses, whatever it is, it's reducing the quality of that website and it renders the page useless for me.
I think I remember a time where digg was once usable as well, and what happened to digg seems to happen now to reddit as well. Too bad. :/


Unfortunately that's what happens to things when they are discovered by the masses.
Oh well, good to know our level is way above the average.
2009-06-03 20:26:00

Try giving hacker news a try:, it's like Reddit without the three year olds.
2009-06-03 21:54:00

Try, it sometimes acts as a filter of the good stuff on reddit, wired, etc. etc.

Comments are most interesting.

Of course there are some shortcomings to it but I've found it relatively easy to find good stuff, stuff that matters.
2009-06-05 02:40:00

When I want good/interesting news I visit my favorite blogs. Such as this one =]
2009-06-06 01:42:00

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