Max Payne Movie: The Fear

Posted on:November 21 2008

Going to watch the Max Payne Movie in the next few hours, although everybody told me not to, and every review I found is very bad. I hope I can compensate this with enough beer before entering the cinema. But the fear remains.


thrilling! :-)
2008-11-21 17:00:00

Oh i love the games. Please tell us the movie was good!
2008-11-21 17:09:00

I always thought the in-game story was delivered in an excruciatingly hammy way so my hopes were not high for a film based on it. I can't believe some people thought the story in Max Payne was good - it was derivative & predictable, delivered with the frowning sincerity of a high-school literary student. Not unusual for a game, but the fact that it took itself so seriously made it rather laughable.

I hope the film crosses into the 'so bad it's good' territory :)
2008-11-21 17:50:00

I liked the games and the trailer. Tell us how it was!
2008-11-21 18:46:00

There is nothing you can't compensate with beer.
2008-11-21 19:02:00

I thought it was quite good, especially the noir style of it.
2008-11-21 21:48:00

I thought it was excellent. The story was okay, but the action and sfx were fantastic.
2008-11-22 00:56:00

Play Left 4 Dead instead, for the same price you will have four replayable movies + one hell of a video game !!!
2008-11-22 14:18:00

The game may have been 'noir', but it was trying WAY too hard. No subtlety, predictable, hammy. Black & white plus gravelly voice overs plus depressing (but obvious) plot. The only reason it stood out is that it tried to do an emotional plot when most games didn't, so even though it was pretty crap at it, people lauded it for trying. Anyone who thought it was actually a good story needs to read a book now and again instead of playing games all the time ;)
2008-11-23 17:33:00

I was entertained enough by Max Payne that I played it twice to the end.
And, steve, as you surely know: there are books with crappy stories, too. But nevertheless - I would never compare books to games: the way the plot is told (by the medium) and the story is experienced (by the user) is just too different.
Games are directer, more immersive, so in most cases a rudimentary background story often suffices - and just because the plot in a game is not so complex and thick as in a book doesn't mean it's worse.
I'd rather recommend good comics, e.g. franco-belgian ones, than complete books to gamers. ;)
2008-11-23 22:48:00

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