Just confirm my email already!!1!

Posted on:November 20 2008

Sometimes it's quite amazing how many people are ignoring simple logic:

Since we are running Bienen und Blumen we are getting mails from a tiny fraction of our users
complaining that they didn't receive their email confirmation. That's basically a mail sent out by our server with a link the user has to click in order to confirm that the email adress he typed in is valid.

But as always, some people have email adresses with servers who do not seem to let our mails get trough (hello lycos) or filters who classify the mail wrongly as spam and other similar problems. Those people then sometimes contact us directly, asking us to manually validate their mail. Which is understandable, but totally useless.

Of course, I could manually confirm such a mail adress. But if the confirmation mail didn't get through to you, other, following mails won't either. So it's totally useless to confirm such a mail adress. Understandable?

Apparently not: Some people simply ignore me explaining this and insist on the manual confirmation of this mail adress. User: "Please, confirm my mail adress" - Me: "But I can't. If you didn't receive the confirmation mail, you won't receive others as well. Check your spam filter, contact your email provider or use another adress". Minutes later: "Please, confirm it!!!". *sigh*


Just let them register without an email address.
2008-11-20 19:09:00

That's already possible anyway.
2008-11-20 19:13:00

what did you do to get users so fast for your site?
2008-11-20 21:18:00

there is a good marketing specialist working on bienen und blumen as well :)
2008-11-21 08:03:00

they dont let me comunicate with my friends and my friends can't send me messages
2008-11-26 15:02:00

please confirm my email address cause myspace will let me get friends and emails
2009-01-03 05:57:00

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