Bugfixing: irrKlang 1.0.1

Posted on:October 16 2007

irrKlang 1.0.1 is out now. This release fixes some minor bugs and improves the documentation.

One of the more severe bugs which I fixed in this release was a deadlock which occurred quite rarely under special circumstances: It could occur for example when playing back a lot of music streams like for example 50 mp3s at the same time and stopping them all again, at the same time. Yes, this sounds like nobody would ever do that, but something like this happened. I think the jirrklang port had this problem too. And yes, irrKlang is able to play that much streams at the same time :) But this problem is also solved now, and irrKlang is officially bug-free again.


"bug-free again"

Jinxed! You never, ever want to say those words ;)
2007-10-16 19:35:00

that's why I used the word 'officially' :)
2007-10-17 18:01:00

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