Lost Video Game Trailer Available - using CryEngine

Posted on:July 27 2007

As Lost fan there is no way around blogging this: An ingame video of the game based on the television series Lost has just been released - and it looks like they are really using the CryEngine 3d Engine (Crytek/Farcry):

I know, movie and tv based games usually suck. And maybe this one will too. But in my opinion the Cryengine is a very good choice for this game which was specially written for this kind of scenes, so maybe the game developers had some time to create a nice game play too. The game is planned to be released in q1 2008.


Never seen Lost - maybe I should try it.
2007-07-27 17:21:00

Really Things are heating up now for cryengine 2. As expected this engine is finally geting noticed fast(Already Far Cry looked awesome, Thanks to amazing rendering). " Paleo Entertainment,San Diego, California,begun developing an original FPS game entitled "Merchants of Brooklyn" which will be powered by the new CryENGINE 2" and " Entropia Universe, the safest virtual world utilizing a real cash economy, has signed a license agreement to use the stunning high-tech game engine CryENGINE" from crytek site. They come out from nowhere and becoming the leaders.
Will some one (who played FarCry) can comment on the indoor level rendering powress of CryEngine2(vs. Unreal and source engine)? I will be thankful.
For Doom 3 Engine it always looked to me like a monster of darknes and Carmack's "Id Tech level 5" demo was a real bore.
Actually I will rank Irrlicht and OGRE(both are so bright and colourful) more than Carmack's Engine any time.
2007-07-28 17:17:00

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