We didn't win

Posted on:July 30 2007

The sourceforge.net community awards 2007 are over, and unfortunately we didn't win. Nevertheless, thanks to anyone who voted. The winners in the categories where Irrlicht was nominated are ScummVM and Audacity, two nice projects, I am using them as well. :) All winners can be viewed here. Although in addition to Irrlicht, Ogre and Crystal Space were nominated too, no 3D engine did win an award, too bad. I think the reason is that 3D engines have a bit smaller user base.
The all-over best project this year was 7-zip by the way, a nice piece of sofware, about which I have blogged some days ago, funnily. :)


hmm where is the other surprise you promised? :(
2007-07-30 18:22:00

ah, right. Sorry, I had to postpone this a bit.
2007-07-30 19:57:00

I think they should of had a 3D engine category. That way, even with a smaller user base, 3D engines would still have a chance to win an award, because they don't really stand that much of a chance in a broad category like "Best Project for Gamers". And I think the reasoning behind Irrlicht not winning in best multimedia was, again because it is a very broad category, but also because it was against the likes of Audacity, which already has a very large user base and is well recognized, not to mention is completely different than a 3D engine... again, I think "Best Project for Multimedia" was a little bit of a broad category.

Broad categories aside, I really liked the idea of the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards, they are good for supporting the Open Source community and for raising awareness for not-so-well-known OSS projects and the open source community as a whole.

Good luck next year :D.
2007-07-31 03:36:00

Mmmm... sorry! Hope that next year more peoples consider 3dEngines.
If(this->year.3dEngineVotes < nextYear->year.3dEngineVotes)
2007-07-31 13:23:00

Side note: Did you guys see the new project offset trailer. It starts out slow and then looks pretty fun near the end with the dragon and the battle troll.

2007-07-31 20:48:00

Don't worry next year IrrKlang will kick Audacity butt and IrrEdit will surely kick ScummVM butt too. and i think a 3D engine Category would be cool that way IrrLicht would win that one too. ;-)
2007-08-01 11:08:00

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