Ego shooters to be forbidden in Austria

Posted on:November 28 2006

After the massacre in Emsdetten last week (this is what my last short german rant was about if you were wondering) now even Austrian Politicans are demonstrating their total disqualification: They want to ban brutal games like Counterstrike (german link).


Well, it's not the Austrian politicians, but the ÖVP, who totally ignore the outcome of the recent discussion of "offen gesagt".

So, I guess it's time to buy brutal egoshooters, softair guns and/or real guns just _out of protest_!!!1!
2006-11-28 19:06:00

yeah! xd

let them know that we want egoshooters!
2006-11-28 19:46:00

Off course, it is much easier to blame games than it is to face the truth: That the general environment and parents are the biggest factor in the development of a child. That would be too much work to fix.
2006-11-28 21:03:00

... and we all know politicians must blame SOMEthing so people would not blame THEM.
2006-11-28 21:04:00

agree to Gothi[c]
2006-11-28 22:07:00

also agree with Gothi[c]...

But listen to my little rant:
(Expanding Gothi[c]'s line of thought)

That, about parents can be best seen here, in America:

I, a few years ago participated in a survey that had this question "How often do you talk to your child(ren) in a week?"
with 3 possible answers:
"2 times or less",
"3 times" and
"4 or more times"...
Makes me wonder... HOW THE HELL is it possible to talk to your parents only 2 times during the week!!?!!??!?!!?
Here is the main problem.... Hmph... People have developed serious problems... Ugh...
2006-11-29 00:05:00

Do Killergames make Killers

Ok Niko in my own opinion i would say yes...

But before i get stoned to death let me make my answer more clear. I myself have been playing games since God knows when. So when i play a game all i see is a great story, awesome graphics, and a nice computer program.. But their are people out there who think games are their lives.. They play games like their life depended on it.. They get so into the game that they even forget that its just a game.. I have heard stories of people who played a game until they died... yes i cant imagine it...but I mean just pause the dam game go eat or do whatever and then come back later.. So as you can see not everyone in this bloody world has the self-control...Most people who get influenced by computer games are people who are just starting to play games and have a very unsatisfying social life. I mean games this days look soo real, it’s easy to get lost in them and forget about this world...But that’s just my opinion...

So I would say Society makes it that an alternate reality is all we need... games offer such a reality...
2006-11-29 09:24:00

Thats ONE way to give the illegal torrent and emule industry a huge boost, I guess...
2006-11-29 12:25:00

some stones for leo:
Books also offer an alternative reality, so do books make killers? Take John Fowles's The Collector for example, its schizophrenic appeal inspired killers to abduct and torture their victims. And how about J D Salinger's rather mild tale, The Catcher In The Rye? Among other things, the book has been blamed for Kurt Kobain's suicide and John Lennon's assasination. Books containing powerful ideas caused people to starve themselves to death or burn themselves alive, others are responsible for holy wars, and others caused genocides. Should they be burned, or should we set age limits and try to promote awareness and sensible use? Call me an anarchist, but I don't want people telling me what I can and can't read.
ps) I call bs on the "people who played a game until dead", because it stinks of urban legend spread by media fud
2006-11-29 16:10:00

Ouch Gaz :-(

first its not a myth check this out and see people do die for playing video games. Its sad and unbelievable but see for yourself

Anyways i dont believe in a world under control I also cant stand it to be told what I can and cant do. But what i was trying to point out is that not everybody out there has such great self control. Their are people who are soo easily influence by fiction and just stories. But as books / games / movies / fiction have a negative side so do they have a positive side they also inspire people to do great things.
2006-11-30 09:16:00

Wow, I take it back. I'm sure I've done 50 hour programming sessions before, I'd better be careful in future! :o
Programming until death would be my own fault though, it would be wrong to blame it on Niko!
2006-11-30 14:31:00

hehe no way Gaz, i think its niko's fault for making such a wonderfull and addictive game engine... i hope you read this NIKO coz our blood will be on our hands :)...I am an irrEdit addict... ever since its first release all i do is create worlds/scenes and just do a fly through with irrEdit... I have been avoiding irrlicht for a while :(... all i am waiting for is the ability to add extra attributes (user properties) on nodes in irrEdit so that I can be able to do everthing i need in irrEdit.. ie i will be able to define some nodes like or or and interactive things live , i think this will help in the fact i can make a custome irrlicht module that just loads my *.irr (xml) file and then extract this data and create for me a ready to play world just like *.bsp files. so with almost no programing i can run my game all i need it my nice *.irr or rather as i call the *.irx (irrlicht Extreme Files) .... btw I love the new export/import feature.. I hope soon a feature like compile scene will be add which i hope will basically just save all the nodes/textures into a zip file..just like a *.pak file in quake... I hope niko will consider doing this... anyways once irrEdit is realsed as open-source this is one feature i will impliment as a plugin for me :-) wow that was soooo off topic.. sorry people just cought in the moment..
Irrlich will be the death of me :)
2006-12-02 18:20:00

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