Pimp My Rights

Posted on:September 27 2006

Free music anyone? Try Pimp my Rights Volume I, a free CD full of professional music, available as MP3s and OGGs, to download. Created by the CCC regensburg, to boycott the music industry who is sueing people using p2p services and to show people legal music alternatives licenced under Creative Commons.
Hey, maybe I should distribute irrKlang with a file of that disk, instead as currently with the poor music I created once.. :)


I remember something like this a while back... "Magnatune":http://www.magnatune.com/ was it?

It's good to see stuff like this happening. Especially because of how easy it is to get music on the web without record labels, an artist could make more money even if only 3% of the people who use the music donate. Also, it's good for projects like irrKlang that need some good music to show off their capabilities. No offense to your music, of course.
2006-09-27 23:01:00

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