Simple metal effect

Posted on:March 27 2006

Short idea for creating a simple reflecting metal effect, by changing only one number in one of the Irrlicht examples:
This looks nice, especially in movement. Just like very reflective golden metal on the walls. To reproduce, just open the per pixel lighing example and change the MaterialTypeParam to something above 1 (should work with D3D at least, didn't try it out with OpenGL).
How does this work? Simple: In the parallax mapping shader, I'm calculating something like
mad, r3, r4_bx2, r0 ; newTexCoord = height * eye + oldTexCoord
where r3 has been scaled with this MaterialTypeParam value before. It influences the bumpiness of the material, but with bigger values, it makes the shader 'go mad'. Unfortunately, the fake reflections on the wall only change when moving the position of the camera. But this could be fixed up easily. Maybe a good start to play around and try out to create a new shader? Simply open CD3D9ParallaxMapRenderer.cpp and copy or edit the pixel shader programs and create your own. :)


bwahaha thats awesome
The Anaconda
2006-03-29 06:29:00

i would like to see that in motion
2006-03-29 14:55:00

sure, just download irrlicht and do it as described above.
2006-03-29 18:34:00

So interesting site, thanks!
2006-04-22 22:38:00

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