F*cking for virginity

Posted on:April 28 2005

So, now we've got three times more terrorist attacks than last year. 1900 dead, more than 7000 injured. Surprised, anyone? I think who ever invented this slogan was right: Fighting against terrorism is like fucking for virginity.


I'd also wonder if the number of terrorism incidents is higher than usual because of all the new laws in the US that define things as terrorism due to the Patriot Act.

I believe hacking a DVD to remove the CSS and stealing music via P2P is now considered terrorism. Well, it might not be that loose in interpretation, but it's dang near close.
2005-04-28 14:44:00

Maybe. But I think 1275 more dead people than in the year before really speaks for itself.
2005-04-28 15:15:00

oh no, 1900 people died on terrorism. Letzt spend million of dollar/euro/freedom to do something. What about spending only the half of it to do something for the million children starving every year in afrika.
Thanks for your time and attetion
2005-04-28 21:42:00

so, what? should we do nothing? just let the terrorists go unpunished? doesn't seem fair to me. that's like saying murder is OK, as long as you call it "terrorism". but if it's called "war", suddenly it's not? I think thats a pretty backwards way to look at it dude...
plus, do you have any idea how much US taxpayer money is donated or loaned out (without ever realistically expecting it back) every year to feed the hungry and help countries in need? it's a damn lot...
seriously, the USA certainly isnt perfect, but we don't deserve a rap THIS bad...
someday, i think the us citizens are gonna get tired of it, and just stop caring, pull back all our armies, cut off all the foreign aid, close the damn borders, and tell the whole freaking world to go fuck itself. then if somebody has a problem they can go ask france...
2005-04-28 22:59:00

"[...]close the damn borders, and tell the whole freaking world to go fuck itself." Haha, then we'll have to send over food 'n stuff so people in the USA don't starve. :)
2005-04-28 23:37:00

buhatkj: OK. Fucking do it. Close your borders. Keep your rabid theocrats; your torturing troops; your prisons that are based in places that used to be in the countries you called 'enemy' back when the Gipper was your daddy; your schools that won't get any state funding unless they give all their pupil's contact details to military recruiters. Keep it all, yankee and cry at night whilst you wait for the chinese to foreclose on your bankrupt nation. I give you ten years fat boy.
2005-12-19 23:56:00

The fact is that the US helps the rest of the world A LOT. And no, I'm not talking about fighting terrorism... I'm saying that they give money, provide relief, and help them overall politically and economically (whether through donation or trade). So yah... you guys who see nothing but America's passion for anti-terrorism (and the help of hundreds of thousands of those in countries suffering from it) can just shove your whining right up your asses!!! The US does a lot more than you'll ever know about and you won't ever care because your blinded by you own stupid-ass whining and complaining. I'd like to see you after you've lost all of your trade and protection that the US provides, then you'd be up a river with no paddle... shit outta luck!
2005-12-20 02:10:00

I forgot something:
Yah, so, there has been 3 times more terrorist attacks this year than last. The fact is that the majority of those attacks are against the American soldiers. The soldiers that are willing to put theirselves on the battlefield and risk their lives for the rights of all the hundreds of thousands who aren't asshole terrorists and were being killed through genocide, tortured, and abused! So when you sit down in front of the couch next time and see a terrorist attack on the news, I hope you actually use your brain and consider how many mid-eastern people's lives are better off since America had committed itself to anti-terrorism and how their children and grand-children will benefit from a well-formed democratic government that they would not have without the US's help.
2005-12-20 02:20:00

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