Gates of Destiny

Posted on:April 29 2005

One of the coolest games I ever wrote was Gates of Destiny. If you search for it you'll find really, really lots of pages where you can download it. So, it is maybe one of my most successful games - even if it is now freely available.
If you are interested, download it from here. I wrote it 6 years ago, so don't expect to much, especially because I also created everything by myself, even graphics and sounds. Ok, everything except the cool music which was created by Markus Rohde. The reason why I'm writing this is because I just found out that it even works on ReactOS. Quite cool. Here's a screen shot of the game:

I also wrote a precedessor of this game, about 1 year before I created Gates of Destiny. It was called "Fire & Dragons". There was also a "Fire & Dragons II", which I sold for about 300 euro (that was a lot of money for me then) to a game magazine. And because of this, Gates of Destiny has one dirty little secret: It is nearly the same game as "Fire & Dragons II". The funny thing about it: You can change the downloadable "Gates of Destiny" into a "Fire & Dragons II" demo: Just delete the file in the level sub directory, and Gates of Destiny will start up as Fire & Dragons II demo. ;)


hmm in surfing the links to sites that host the game, i found one that links to, which doesnt seem to have much to do with the irrlicht 3d engine...
2005-04-29 17:43:00

Man, that game is amazing !
Is there the source floating around ?
2005-04-30 21:19:00

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