Flash is dead, so I'll remove it. Right?

Posted on:February 20 2018

Flash is dead, as it seems. Is anyone still using it? I am currently thinking about removing support for Flash in the next update of CopperCube. It would speed up the development of the other targets, and removing ballast that way.

I created a poll on twitter for this, if you like, vote and tell me what you think about it.


I voted for its removal in the poll. All of your customers who use it should switch to the WebGL target. You shouldn't be tied to a dead platform forever. Cut it off cleanly now because the few people who beg you to keep it for the next update will also beg you to keep it for the update after that one.
wild master
2018-02-20 15:02:00

Remove! :) (I have no Twitter account so I couldn't vote in the poll)
2018-02-21 00:30:00

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