irrKlang 1.6 released

Posted on:February 13 2018

I just realized that I'm now working since 14 years on this little C++ sound library which I called irrKlang. Today I pushed out a smaller update of it, modernizing it a bit again. Improving .NET support, support for gcc 5.1 and others, reducing dll dependencies (no MSVC runtime dll needed for C++), improving single threaded mode stability and speed, and more.

It is not only used by many indie games, but also by my own projects, of course. Basically everything I wrote which uses audio. Let's see what the next 14 years will bring!


Library looks great, but i was always put-off by lack of source code. Reading the pages they appear to hint that purchasing license may include source code, but i have not seen any clear note that this is the case. Anyhow what is the reasoning behind having library closed-source instead of GPL-licensed? I do understand it is a commercial product you make living from and it is great! Thing is if library was licensed under GPL then you would support opensource community (which you do not have to do of course) and get some free exposure for your library. As i understand main commercial clients find GLP unacceptable so you could still be selling proprietary licenses as you do currently. I do not believe that you would loose any customers if source code was available but not free as in beer. What are your thoughts on this?
2018-02-13 10:03:00

Yes, source code is usually not included, but if companies really need it (which isn't very often the case), I usually give them access to it.

Yes, the reason is basically because it is commercial. It also was created a long time ago where open source wasn't the norm yet.
2018-02-13 17:00:00

You could make an audiobook of the source code...
2018-02-14 06:52:00

Maybe after 14 years it's time to update the C++ API and use smart pointers instead of manual reference counting? :)
Kai Mast
2018-02-16 18:37:00

Yes, but that would mean breaking the API, so all existing users and apps using this need to be updated to this. Maybe adding a second 'modern' API would be an alternative.
2018-02-20 09:48:00

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