WTF, de.wikipedia?

Posted on:March 19 2014

Last weekend, I edited a few articles in the Wikipedia again, as I do from time to time when I see an article about a topic I know a bit about (in most cases programming related, but somtimes also some local stuff). Usually, I first add this stuff into the english Wikipedia, and then I do the same in german language, in the german Wikipedia.
All the text I ever wrote for the english one is still there, and can be still read. People even have extended the articles I started. But the german wikipedia seems to be run by wiki-nazis still today: Although I add nearly twice as many sources and references into my texts in the german version, my stuff gets deleted and reverted all the time. They now even have a mechanism where the change you did to the article won't be displayed until some admin has read it and unlocked it. (In my case, this didn't happen now for 4 days) Even for completely unimportant, small articles.
WTF, de.wikipedia? Isn't this exactly the opposite of what you wanted to be? From now on, I will only continue writing for the english version. And I hope a lot of other people feel the same.


It's fascinating that so many things start in the sense of freedom and cooperation and finally end up controlled by dictatorship.
2014-03-19 13:10:00

Maybe we need something like a germann, where simply translated versions of the articles appear.
We could call it de.en.wikipedia!
2014-03-19 22:27:00

It's the same for English wikipedia too, in some sections. The whole thing is corrupt.
2014-03-20 16:32:00

You only just noticed, Niko? :) German Wikipedia is run by control freaks. If they do not deem your edit or addition extremely valuable, they will mercilessly revert or delete it. It should be the other way round, but that is how it has been on german wikipedia for years. Thus, I have given up on it years ago, and if I do anything Wikipedia-related, I only do it on the english one. German Wikipedia needs to die ASAP, so all the admins get kicked out, and we can reboot it.
2014-03-20 23:41:00

Seems so.
Interestingly, the german wikipedia is still the second biggest one. Wondering how. :)
2014-03-21 08:45:00

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