Dynamic texture loading and CORS

Posted on:February 14 2014

I just implemented support for easily loading and displaying external textures in CopperCube, like loading a texture from somewhere on your disk when you create a Windows or Mac OS X app, or from somewhere from your webserver if you are using WebGL and Flash. This feature will be in the next upcoming free update, and it looks like this:

The texture with the statistics on it is an image generated by Webalizer, and it was not included in the project, it was dynamically loaded.
This opens a lot of new possibilities for creating more interesting content with CopperCube, but it still is a bit limited: Both WebGL and Flash Stage 3D have quite severe security restrictions, limiting the locations from where you are allowed to load textures. For example by default you cannot load a texture - say - from www.reddit.com when your webgl website is running on www.irrlicht3d.org, for example. There is a way to make this work as well, using CORS - cross-origin resource sharing. Basically the JavaScript code needs to set a specific flag when loading the image, and the owner of the web server needs to enable this feature as well. Most server today apparently don't, unfortunately.


Thanks Niko. This new update will be great. Looking forward to it.
2014-02-14 14:22:00

yep, some kind of proxy is always needed for this task... crossdomain.xml for flash is a problem too
2014-02-14 19:01:00

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