Software "from an unidentified developer" on OS X

Posted on:January 23 2014

If you have a newer OS X, and run some software downloaded from the web which wasn't signed, you usually get an error message, like
"This app is from an unidentified developer"

To run it anyway, either disable gatekeeper, or simpler: Press the control key and click the app icon. Then choose 'open'. That's it.
I am personally still refusing to sign the software I create, not on Windows and not on Mac OS X. So all my software causes problems like this above. But my users don't seem to care. And if they do, I tell them this above. Works.


Any specific reason you refuse to sign your software? Except perhaps the cost or buying the signing certificate.
2014-01-23 15:13:00

Because I think it adds nothing of value, it's just snake oil. On windows, even virus developers sign their trojans and viruses now, and on Mac OS X, when bundling your app with a developer id certificate, you surrender yourself to the mercy of Apple: From now on, they actually control your software and and can turn it off with one single click.
2014-01-24 05:58:00

Signing a windows application should (at least in theory) prevent anyone from modifying it. Or did I just dreamed this?
2014-01-26 22:20:00

Well, if someone modifies your binary, he still can sign it it himself. It would print another company name then, but does anyone actually check the company name?
2014-01-30 08:30:00

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