Internet Addiction

Posted on:June 14 2012

Yesterday, there was a big outage of a major cellphone and internet provider in Austria. Starting in the afternoon, no phone and internet worked until the end of the day for quite a lot of people in many regions of Austria, and I was one of them. If you are living in the countryside, and suddenly both your phone and your internet stops working, there is nothing you can do about it and you get no information about this, you feel quickly very cut off.
You also notice how the internet has changed your life and that you are very, very used to it now. And you remember that a few years ago, you lived your life happily without any cellphone and internet, and it didn't really make a difference.

The only problem is if you run a web based online company. :) So I'll probably get a second internet connection from a different company, in order to prevent such a thing to happen again. It would be quite bad if this would occur during the middle of a new software release, for example.


I totally agree with you, i have read all of your posts on this political and world crisis, and i agree.

The funny thing is that in my country not many things have changed in our life style. I work 18 hours a day more than 8 years and i still do.

Banks play dangerous games, they destroy country's in one night, and the best thing is that they don't give a ..... dime.
2012-06-14 20:28:00

Hm, I think your comment should have been written below my other post? One down, the one about the banks? :)
2012-06-15 10:46:00

Yes.... hhahahahahahahaaaa
2012-06-18 22:56:00

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