Now for a quick game of... error 37

Posted on:May 30 2012

Did 9 hours of straight programming work, answered all customer requests, finally successfully re-built a whole support library with new settings and without errors, checked everything in and done with the TODO list of this week already. Great! Now, for a quick relaxing game of Diablo 3, as reward!

What the...
I knew it was a mistake getting this online only game, although I only play single player. I like how Diablo 3 works from a technical stand point, the feature that your friends can join your games on demand is very nice. But not being able to play at all if Blizzard's server decide that they won't work is really annoying. I'll probably try to get my money back and wait for Torchlight 2 instead...


I was actually thinking the same as well...several times already.
The best one still was a server update on a sunday....genius work.
2012-05-30 19:22:00

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