How do I say that I need to move on?

Posted on:May 21 2012

Maybe you also already saw the Microsoft Internet Explorer ad on TV. Basically it's a few pictures of various web pages, with a song playing. Interestingly, the song also became quite popular and I've also already heard it on the radio a few times. You can watch it here:

Apart from the fact that I think it would have been more useful for Microsoft spending all that money in development to improve that broken and slow browser instead, there is something other I find interesting about it: knowing it's the Internet Explorer song, listening to the lyrics, am I the only one noticing that the song is about a guy using IE, but then installing a second, better browser and using that one instead? He doesn't sing about whether it's Opera, Firefox or Chrome, but I wonder if the marketing team of Microsoft ever read the lyrics of that thing? :)


Funny, never listened to the lyrics :-)
2012-05-22 06:14:00

Yeah, funny! :-)

It kinds of look like the guy has just shut down his laptop, singing about how he no longer wants to use whatever (his IE), while at the same time the two armored guys are fighting out a metaphorical browser war...

Overall even without the IE context I do not quite get the connection between the fight and the lyrics. But likely that is just me.
2012-05-22 11:54:00

Brilliant! Kudos to whoever wrote the Lyrics, the alternate browser certainly is in there :)
2012-05-22 23:08:00

I think the lyrics express his regret of leaving IE, seeing that the newest version is super-cool. "Gotta be true to myself" - he is hating IE just to look cool, but he doesn't feel really feel that way... "And it feels that I am just too close to love you" - He has to let himself experience a more beautiful and reliable web.
2012-08-26 06:08:00

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