CopperCube 2.2.3 and CopperLicht 1.3.3 released

Posted on:January 19 2011

I just released CopperCube 2.2.3 and CopperLicht 1.3.3.
Both releases include quite a lot of changes and new features. In CopperCube for example includes editor improvements such as viewports for cameras and scaling in all direction by holding down shift, improved first person shooter camera control for Flash and WebGL (looking by moving mouse as discussed on this blog already), lots of various enhancements to actions and behaviors,
access to CopperCube variables via Actionscript, JavaScript and Squirrel, possibility to jump in first person cameras, improved performance for collision dection and response, bug fixes such as improvements in several file format importers (.3ds, .obj, .dae, .dxf, .cob and .lwo) and much more.
The CopperLicht release includes all these improvements, but only for the WebGL side, of course. Happy downloading.

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