New WebGL Quake map demo

Posted on:January 16 2011

I just created a new Quake 3 demo for WebGL. It features the new control method with the mouse which I blogged about earlier, the possibility to jump using space, heavily improved collision detection and response (performance much better now) and faster 3D rendering.
The latest Firefox 4 beta 9 has a problem with its z-buffer (its precision is much too low, I guess they are now using 16 bit by default now?), but fortunately, you won't notice this in this new demo.


Have you tried different curves for the mouse control? E.g. the change in rotation depends on the square, cube, or exponential of where the mouse is relative to the center? At the moment it seems like small movements away from the center cause too much unwanted turning while moving it to the side doesn't turn quickly enough.

Perhaps also adding a larger circle in the center wherein no turning occurs at all so that it is easier to stop turning altogether.
2011-01-18 18:11:00

It's currently an ellipse, and acceleration is square. I've tried various combinations, and this one is the optimum I've found. But you are right, there is still room for improvement. The rotation speed can be adjusted manual in the editor and in the engine anyway.
2011-01-18 21:27:00

This is completely awesome; on my version of Chromium all the textures were warping around like a viscous fluid. Was quite fun to run around and ran incredibly smooth on my piece of junk embedded Intel card. Great job!
2011-01-20 17:32:00

I love! Here I always find a lot of helpful information for myself. Thanks you for your work.
Best regards
2011-01-24 01:43:00

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