Looking for a good WYSIWYG HTML web editor on Linux?

Posted on:October 07 2010

If you are working with Linux and looking for a easy WYSIWYG web editor for creating HTML, PHP, ASP and whatever pages, you might want to try Website Painter. Simply download the windows version and run it using Wine, it seems to run perfectly:

Also featured on the official wine page for websitepainter. Quite impressive what those Wine developers did, the editor is using quite a lot of Windows functions.
Thanks to Nick Law for pointing this out (I didn't know it would run using wine) and creating the Wine page for the editor.


The link where it says "Website Painter" points to file:///J:/hps/ambiera.com/websitepainter/index.html, which should be (I think) http://ambiera.com/websitepainter/index.html
2010-10-09 08:01:00

woha, fixed, thanks
2010-10-10 14:50:00

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