Twitter feed now embedded on this blog

Posted on:October 06 2010

Thanks for all the feedback, I've now embedded my twitter feed directly on the front page of this blog. Since I'm using a very old, manually enhanced version of Pivot, I've also embedded it manually using TwitterJs, a pretty nice piece of software. Simply download the .js (or even hotlink it from googlecode), and add code like this to your website:
<div id="tweetcontainer"><p>Loading tweets...</p></div>
<script>  getTwitters('tweetcontainer', {     id: 'yourtwittername',     count: 5,     enableLinks: true,     ignoreReplies: true,     clearContents: true,    template: '<span class="status">%text%</span> <span class="time"><a href="">%time%</a></span>'  });

Not that complicated to do.


Cool thing about your way of implenting it is that it loads the Tweets asynchronously.

Is this libary bases on jQuery or any other AJAX framework?
2010-10-07 22:40:00

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