Well, profits, then safety

Posted on:June 14 2010

The 'BP Public relations' twitter account is fake and incredible funny. Some random quotes:

Investing a lot of time & money into cleaning up our image, but the beaches are next on the to-do list for sure. #bpcares

Obama wants us to start a liability account to pay spill victims. We'd rather not, but thanks for asking! #bpcares

We are not killing animals in the gulf, we are creating fossils in the gulf. Have a little perspective. #bpcares

Safety is our primary concern. Well, profits, then safety. Oh, no-profits, image, then safety, but still- it's right up there.

OMG This isss ridciulsus. playing a drinking gamee where we drink a shot everytme we seeee an oily birdddd!!! LOL! so wasted!!11 #pbcares

As part of our continued re-branding effort, we are now referring to
the spill as "Shell Oil's Gulf Coast Disaster". #bpcares

More here.

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