Adobe released Flash Player 10.1 - much faster now

Posted on:June 11 2010

Adobe just released their new Flash Player version 10.1. You should get it, since it also includes some security fixes: get it here.
Adobe optimized their ActionScript 3 VM a bit for this release, including an update to its previously (let's be honest here:) suboptimal garbage collector. The result is that flash games now will run faster and use less CPU power. A quick test with a CopperCube flash 3D scene confirms this:

The scene now feels much smoother. After the camera flight has finished in that scene, you can freely move around it using mouse + cursor keys (or WASD if your prefer), and it feels quite smooth. I'll have to do some real performance test still.

Nice thing about this update: The Mac OS X version of the Flash player is said to have received additional speed enhancements, very nice.

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