Doom Movie

Posted on:July 27 2005

Did you already watch the Doom Movie Teaser? Doesn't look as bad as expected.

BTW: Don't you think that the old Doom and Doom II have been more fun to play, now, after the Doom³ hype has faded away a little bit?


BTW: Don't you think that the old Doom and Doom II have been more fun to play, now, after the Doom³ hype has faded away a little bit?

-> Deffinitly.
This seems to be the case with many new games and sequels, I had fun playing the first and second gta for example but when they switched to 3d, to me it feels like it lost most of it's charm. I can't quite pinpoint howcome. I remember when I was playing the first gta around when it came out, I was fantasising about how great it would be to be able to walk into the buildings and how nice it would be from a first-person perspective, and when they made the actual switch, I felt dissapointed, it lost a certain fun factor eventhough I was looking forward to some of the changes and features.... I don't want to sound like someone that only likes older games and thus having my judgment affected, I do like quite a few newer games, like morrowind, planeshift, ut goty,... but my real favorites I must admit are 2d and isometric games for some reason... like fallout, fallout2, beneath a steel sky, veil of darkness, yeager, and many more,.. I dunno why
2005-07-28 03:12:00

Doom the movie?
I think I'd prefer to see Duke Nukem the movie, one line of dialogue - "Those aliens are gonna pay for messin up my ride", followed by 2 hours of carnage. Now thats my kinda movie :D
2005-07-28 16:18:00

gta 3, gta: vc, and gta: sa are all revolutionary. they've spawned countless immitators (spider-man 2 for example). they've also made a boatload of money. all of which have high replayability (especially in gta: sa -- pool mini game, vigilante mode, various casino games, and many others).

I've only played the 2d gta on the gba advance. I quit after 5 minutes of play because of the crappy graphics.

I do like other 2d games (done right) like the whole castlevania and metroid series on the GBA advance. Also tactical games like advance wars, fire emblem, and tactic ogre all on the gba advance are wonderful isometric/top-down 2d games.
2005-07-29 20:27:00

Doom 1 and Doom 2 had still a wolfenstein 'feel' to it...a one man encounter against a huge population of enemies :D....Doom 3...its like 1v1 most the time....hehe and Doom 1 and Doom 2 don't lag :D on my geforce mx 440 :P
2005-08-06 22:43:00

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