Enemy of the state

Posted on:July 21 2005

Just some days after Austria was forced to change a law which has been created to stop german students studying at Austrian universities, I just watched on TV that now the Austrian politicans are defining the Germans who are living in Austria as enemies.
Just to remember: I am german, living in Austria. And I don't really like this. Don't know how much job taxes and tuition fees I already paid in Austria, but I think a lot more than the average Austrian guy of my age. F*ck you, silly politicans. *angry*


wow, that is pretty f***ed up. rock on dude, get ur education.
2005-07-22 04:56:00

What the f*ck ?
2005-07-22 11:32:00

That's dumb man, but don't worry the American gov. is just as bad. Except they take it out on their own people. I hate people that judge others like that. Well good luck my friend! Best of wishes!
2005-07-22 17:26:00

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