Added 3D room prototyping to CopperCube

Posted on:October 02 2009

What would you think, how long did it take me to model that 3D room here?

Being a programmer with close-to-not-existing 3d modeling skills, I think it would take me about 30 minutes to an hour in any 3d modeling software to create this. But I only needed 1 minute to create that 3d mesh. So how did I do it?

For creating quick prototypes, I implemented a simple 3D room generator into CopperCube. You can simply paint a 2D block map, click on a button and CopperCube will generate the 3D mesh for you:

It also allows you to select multiple textures, the type of ceiling (flat / none / arched, the one in this example), and more. The lightmapping is also done by CopperCube's integrated lightmap generator. It's already implemented in CopperCube 1.0.6c and ready for download.


2009-10-02 09:31:00

I was thinking about this recently for a non 3d-related project, essentially going in the other direction using vectors to arrange a platform game and then output the tiles from that, who wants to sit there and place a hundred tiles when you could just draw a line and be done with it :-p

I guess it's harder in a 3d environment due to the extra dimension but you could still draw rects instead of placing tiles to do a similar thing.
2009-10-02 10:44:00

Why all these nice features in coppercube and not in irrlicht/irredit?
2009-10-02 11:57:00

Looks like something from an old HDR sample in DirectX SDK :)
2009-10-02 13:28:00

Nice, those early 3D tricks are having a new life on the web! Looks like great fun :)
2009-10-02 16:13:00

Very nice! I just cant wait for animation nodes and make my web 3D game with copperCube !
2009-10-02 19:02:00

Men ... get real and work with some artists. We are a extraordinary programmer but make some quality work. If you are interest in some ideas look at unity3d or try to bring C# to Irr. Good luck!
2009-10-04 12:38:00

@lonerunner, please check out the Irrlicht .NET port. It supports C#, and there is teh Java port also. Both ports are of great quality.
It is easier to get open source programmers tehn open source artists, so taht is one reason, and another is art is subjective matter. For ex. I actually like Niko's art which is nice to eyes, and artisticly good, and like other artists he is aslo improving.
Keeping Irrlicht download size samll is another factor for low size artwork with it. Do you really want that 8mb 4096x4096 texture with irrlicht 19.6 mb download.
But if you have such great textures and models just plug them in with Irrlicht. The beauty is that you can do lots of things with irrlicht for free and it is great.
Just try for yourself.
And yes try Unity 3D also for, and see for yourself which suits you better, it is also a good engine.
Well so are Ogre, J3D, Reality Factory, Horde 3D, Quake2/3, Wild Magic, Crystal 3D, Source SDK(a lot of nice code there), G3D
The point is all were designed for different purposes, as in Niko's own words he wrote Irrlicht as no engine satisfied him.
Just pick up the one you, like. All have flaws and benefits. The question is what suits you better. And also Many 3D engines have their dot net ports also. like Ogre, Horde, Quake 2, etc.
Ogre, - Big and full
Irrlicht - small, easy, powerful
Horde - smallest
Quake 2/3 - Complete efficient game engine lacking modern rendering paradigms, but can be extended.
Wild Magic- Really technical
J3d - similar to unreal engine
Reality factory - old but ready made for making games from start.
There are lots of choices and so many good ones.
Even CryEngine Unreal Engine and Source Engine have their own benefits and lacks that they are good fro one and better for other.
Though after long consideration I vote for CryEngine, and mostly due to great toolset also.
2009-10-06 14:23:00

You are right 'long name' but when I last checked Irrlicht .NET it had a lot of bugs, adopting C# will bring more developers to Irr. You simple go into a wall when we try more semi-advance things with Irr (for ex: multi-textures inputs in shaders [maybe this is fixed in the latest version]). My hole idea is that when you work with some real stuff you begin discovering the real problems and engines became bigger because the they solve real problems. Irr is a nice little engine and I don't know if should be more.
2009-10-07 17:58:00

@ lonerunner,Now you are going in realms of OGRE, and OGRE or its DotNet port MOGRE will suit you lot better. You will certainly notice that OGRE is not easy for beginner, but Irrlicht is really very easy. And it is meant to be easy, small, cross-platform(not doable if dot Net is added to core).
And yes you are eight about lack of advance features. Even though OGRe is very complete and advanced 3D engine, it is not Ready made for Game Programming and lot of work need to be done to use it in Game Engine. Likewise Irrlicht needs lot of work done for adding more advanced features.
But the LATEST rendering technologies are completely according to game design are available in CryEngine only.
If one uses free open source engines he probably have to add a lot to it. That is currently unavoidable, as we have not researched how Niko and Irrlicht team can surpass the dedicated work of Highly Skilled and Highly paid lots of programmers at Crytek,Id,or Epic in shorter time.
If you need only a 3D engine OGRE is currently more featured and is easily expandable as you wish. Irrlicht is good in the restrictions of its limits. For Ex. Unreal Engine is quite bad in Terrain Rendering but otherwise is good. Source Engine is particularly good at running on low hardware. CryEngine gives most eye candy and accurate rendering in seamless outdoor-indoor environments.

And yes OGRE does not have Megatexturing or Clipmap support, but you can easily add to it.
OGRE is going to be MIT license with next version, and Irrlicht is zlib. If you want zlib, then Irrlicht is really good.
Well if you find all the features in Unity 3D it is also a good choice then.
As I mentioned if you want complete Game Code for a FPS Quake2/3/OpenArena is the only choice.
It is though highly probable that whatever Engine you choose you will have to modify it to suit ur needs.
2009-10-08 15:34:00

It seams to me after checking out Unity that it is meant for quite differnt purpose and is full blown game-development tool. Irrlicht is advancing in that direction also, and it is free and open source, while unity 3D is paid and ready. Now you can easily choose what u want. It actually depends on you!
2009-10-08 15:39:00

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