Mails flooding me

Posted on:July 21 2005

Must be summer holidays, and there are dozens of Irrlicht related emails in my inbox. Sorry that I didn't answer them yet. Got a new job and not a lot of time. But I'll try to answer all of them at the weekend.


May we ask what the new job is? And if it is not to rude to ask why you left your 3D job? :)
2005-07-23 01:37:00

Sorry, but I just don't want to post this yet. But to summarize: The division from my old job was quite friendly and there were no problems. And I don't want to write about this or my new job yet because I've just started there and don't know if employer likes me and my work, and even a little bit because I'm not sure if like the job there. ;)
2005-07-24 14:51:00

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